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We believe that life is richer when you connect to the people and the world around you. Our team is experienced in engaging kids abroad, addressing unique family dynamics, and producing meaningful multi-generational experiences.

Traveling with Children

Our Embark team is attuned to what creates meaningful experiences for each member of the family. We'll learn about your family's passion points to keep them all engaged whether they are exploring a city or sitting on a beach. We can arrange anything from a scavenger hunt in the Louvre, gladiator training in the Circus Maximus, a drumming lesson with Maasai warriors, Sumo wrestling with Japanese fighters, an Amazing Race through Buenos Aires, tile making in Marrakech, or even cooking classes with a Contessa in Tuscany.

Multi-Generational Experiences

Bringing generations together in one place is an extraordinary opportunity that define your family and set a foundation of values for your children's future. Our team will work with you to conceive the perfect place for your family gathering and develop unique activities to promote meaningful bonding. Whether it is organizing your own family game show, a beach Olympics, a team building exercise or even a family documentary, our creativity is boundless and bold. Our event team even layers in memorable logoed-wear and gifts and choreographs beautiful meals and parties to take your family gathering beyond.

Global Citizenship

Go beyond the textbook with our Journey to Global Citizenship program. We'll look at your child's academic track and even collaborate with their school to create a 5-8 year "four dimensional" educational program that pairs studies with related destinations around the world. Working with former scholastic leaders and acclaimed teachers, we can coordinate challenges and "assignments" with your child's instructor or build an immersive journey with an educator in tow.